Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.

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Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.

A few words about us
China Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd. company profile
Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.
China Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd. company profile
China Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd. company profile
China Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd. company profile
China Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd. company profile
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Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.

PARIM was established since 1992 and focusing on researching& developing fashion eyewear for oriental markets. We are benefiting from refined material ,elaborate technology with trendy designs and get good reputations from consumers all over the world by improving wearing comfort ,durability and fashion sense . Fortunately ,Air 7 frames is the leadership of eyewear market consistently . Our marketing system covers 31 provinces and cities ,which bring us rapid growth of turnover .All of above are paving the way for PARIM to be eyewear leadership in China.


Company Details

Main Market

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East



Business Type



Brands : PARIM

No. of Employees : 100~1000

Annual Sales : 50000000-80000000

Year Established : 1992

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Company History

The brand PARIM was established in 1992 and right now it is the leader and pioneer of fashion eyewear brand in domestic market.

Parim has been always focusing on eyewear fashion aesthetics in over 20 years.

Close fashion sense and delicate feelings are the DNA of PARIM, which are appearing

in delicate raw materials and fashionable designs.

In 2012,PARIM launched AIR 7 frames, entering the new generation’s world and calling forth their frivolous spirits inside.

In 2013,PARIM continue launching AIR 7 second generation super light frames. Comparing to first generation, they are more metallic in appearance and semi-framed designs make them more attractive. Meanwhile, they inherit the super light character from last generation, which makes you feel nothing.

Parim also combine sunglasses and AIR 7 super light materials into a new species—AIR 7 second generation sunglasses, which make the sunglass super light and feel nothing.

The same year, PARIM launch AIR 7 KIDS super light frames, offering “the schoolbags

Can’t be lighter, but frames can be lighter.”, which reduce the burden for children.



Brand History


In July,1992, PARIM was born.

Brand PARIM was born in 1992 and sold in big and middle cities in domestic market.

In May, 1993, PARIM launched carbon fiber frames.

PARIM took the lead in launching carbon fiber frames , they were only two third weigh of traditional frames and never deformed.

In May ,1994,PARIM fully used UV380 lens on all the PARIM sunglasses.

In June, 1995, PARIM won the first honor.

In Beijing , PARIM was awarded the “ qualified products” in the program “Quality Tour”.

In June ,1998, PARIM fully perfected our after –service system that we opened direct hot line for full nationwide consumers.

In April ,2003,PARIM produced protective eyewear for SARS. We cooperated with our nation fighting with SARS and developed medical protective eyewear and got the certificate.

(Registration No.: Min 2003 No. 1660027)

In February,2004,PARIM changed LOGO. Our new design PARIM logo is more fashionable and international.

In March,PARIM became the first one to use AR-Coating lens nationwide and that lens could improve the clarity of sunglasses.

In June, PARIM invited China Professional Model Champion Miss Dai Xiaoyi as our image ambassador to annotate our new PARIM conceptions.

In January,2005,PARIM initiated color polarized lens, which was the combination of technology and fashion and was the best selling around China from then.

In January,2006,PARIM established brand website to let more consumers know our PARIM brand.

In June,PARIM sponsored the first kite team “Supper Girl”in China.

In November, PARIM was approved and awarded “Fujian Province Brand Product” by Fujian Provincial People’s Government.

In 2008, Fashion Magazine Ruili and City Beauties recommended PARIM sunglasses as the magic code for bright eyes.

Parim combined antique oriental totem elements and modern technology into magic and fashionable sunglasses .

In 2009, PARIM was the specific brand sponsor for Model Contest.

In July, PARIM was the unique sunglasses for China International Auto Super Model Finals .

In August, PARIM was the unique sponsor for The 10th CCTV Model TV Contest ( Strait Area).

The same year,PARIM cooperated with global grand eyewear company Luxottica .

In 2010,PARIM launched new optical frames which were made by MLP technology with natural elements. They were another huge new break on eyewear developing way.

In 2011,PARIM entered international markets. We selected brand distributors around European countries and South East Asia, setting brand areas.

In 2012,it was PARIM 20th Anniversary.

In December,PARIM awarded “China Famous Brand”

2013 The truth of FIND BEAUTY

PARIM offers a brand new ideal at its 21 years old : FIND BEATY,which appeals to Yu Jiang (the writer of TOUCHING CHINA ),Wang Fangfang (Volunteer Painter ) and Yang Xin(The first protector of Yangtze River) to FIND BEAUTY behind ordinary people ,things and organizations .

2015 PARIM goes on the journey to FIND BEAUTY with prolocutor Chen Man

PARIM invites International Famous Photographer Chen Man to make annual fashion shoots and continue to FIND BEAUTY .

2016 PARIM combines with BAZZAR and appeal to charity stars of Chinese famous super stars , carrying stars’ design dreams and raising hopes for the poor kids .We know we find the real beauty on the way .





Company Service

PARIM focus on researching & developing fashion eyewear for oriental markets.

We are benefiting from refined material ,

elaborate technology with trendy designs and get good reputations from consumers all over the world,

by improving wearing comfort ,durability and fashion sense .

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Company Team

PARIM is a team which filled with many diversified talents members,

having both advanced professional technology and high quality service together.

we have many senior designers and younger ones,different people have different specialty,

combined each together,we bring many qualified products with classic and fashionable style to eyewear market.

Especially after Air7 launched,PARIM lead a new eyewear revolution.



Parim Optical(xiamen) Co., Ltd.
A2, No.6 Building, 11/F, Guanyinshan International Business Center,Xiamen, Fujian, China 361008
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